Welcome Koen van der Laan!

We are welcoming Koen van der Laan to our DynamX PhD team!

Koen graduated in 2017 from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam on his thesis Investigating the biomechanical nature of the human dermis using multi-photon generation microscopy. Simultaneously and after graduation, he worked at Optics11, Amsterdam on micro-indentation systems.

In our team, Koen will focus on further software and hardware development for our set-up, as well as on data processing.


Not a scientist? Not a problem!

On Monday, 20 May 2019, Bart will present at Pint of Science Maastricht (, a science festival where researchers talk about their work in an informal, low-level setting – as the name suggests, in a pub.

In his talk named “Cardiovascular top models”, he will take you through his research life:

Stiff arteries – you may have heard about the phenomenon. But why does arterial stiffness matter? How does it affect the heart? Can we measure it, without opening up a patient? What causes arteries to stiffen?

Computer models – some simple, some more elaborate – helped me to shed light on these questions. During my talk, I will take you along my scientific journey around the world, centered around understanding and quantifying arterial stiffness.

Come join us! Location details will follow shortly.